SocialSpace Academy’s Response to COVID-19

We are here to help you expand your skills and move forward, together.

The spread of Corona Virus (COVID-19) across the world has affected every one of us. Most of us are currently restricted at home, where we are working, learning, and teaching remotely. But regardless of all these rapid changes around us, one thing that has not  changed is SocialSpace Academy’s commitment to you and to your company.

We understand that when we are overwhelmed by stress and uncertainty, it’s hard to see a path forward. That is why, as part of our commitment and our responsibility to society and to you specifically, we are inviting you to find your path forward with us. Together, along with SocialSpace Academy’s team and professional trainers, we want to support you in every way we can.

We would like to show you our support actively and relentlessly by bringing to you unique and value-added free Live Webinars, so that we help you transform this crisis into a learning opportunity.

Standing by you to help you stay connected during these difficult times and move forward, together!


4 ways to Stay Connected

SocialSpace Academy’s Blog – Head to our blog for continued updates and resources to help you learn and stay connected through these unprecedented times.

SocialSpace Academy’s News & Announcements – Stay informed about our current developments, upcoming courses, free live webinars and other opportunities.

Free Live & Recorded Webinars – This is a remarkable time with uncertainty and changes to everyone’s routines. If you are in this boat, structuring your time in new ways and reconnecting with your priorities, join our free Live webinars as they get announced. Alternatively, you can watch recorded past webinars.

Subsidized Live Webinars – We will begin soon offering a wide range of live online interactive courses and seminars in a wide range of subjects, subsidized by HRDA, Cyprus. Stay tuned?


Develop your Skills Today and Boost your Career!

You can take part in courses and seminars designed with the highest international standards delivered by experienced professional trainers.

Digital Marketing Courses – A wide range of hands-on, up-to-date courses and seminars that fully exploit the Digital Marketing spectrum, following the most recent trends.

100% subsidized Courses – Courses in areas ranging from Human Resource Performance Management, Customer Service Strategies, Business Modeling and Innovation, to Innovative Approaches in the everchanging marketplace.

Business & Human Resource Seminars – These practical Seminars cover a broad range of HR topics from Corporate Law, HRM,  to Techniques, Procedures and Documents in HR. Explore case studies in HR and learn about how new approaches and legal changes are keeping you up-to-date, thus leveraging your performance.

Our business courses include Project Management, Microsoft Excel for Business, Train the Trainer in Distance learning, and many more.

Technical Courses – Covering several industries and professions, our technical courses focus on the delivery of practical knowledge and skills that will give you an edge and a competitive advantage in your work environment, while skyrocketing your performance.
Our technical courses include but not limited to:

  1. Architectural and Civil engineering design using AutoCAD, REVIT 3D and BIM methodologies
  2. 2D and 3D motions graphics using tools such as After Effects and Cinema 4D and video editing using Premier Pro.
  3. Graphic Design using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and others.
  4. Website & eShop Design & Development using WordPress and WooCommerce


Leverage your competitive Advantage, Today!

Τα εκπαιδευτικά σεμινάρια και οι συμβουλευτικές μας υπηρεσίες, προσθέτουν επαγγελματική αξία και κύρος στις επιχειρήσεις και στα στελέχη τους, καθώς επίσης σε ανέργους.προσθέτουν επαγγελματική αξία και κύρος στις επιχειρήσεις και στα στελέχη τους, καθώς επίσης σε ανέργους.


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